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9/10 Honor Choir: Text
9/10 Honor Choir: Text


9/10 Honor Choir

Audition date: Monday, October 24th

9/10 Honor Choir Audition Material

All four selections are considered audition material, but we will only select cuts from three of the four pieces. 

Song Title – Composer – Voicing

City Called Heaven – Poelinitz – SATB

Inveniam Viam – Main – SATB

 Loch Lomond – Lantz III – SATB

 Omnia Sol (Let Your Heart Be Staid) – Stroope – SATB

Divisi Info:

Loch Lomond:

In three-part treble splits: Soprano takes top note, Alto takes bottom note.

In three-part tenor/bass splits: Tenors take top note, Basses take bottom note.

Inveniam Viam:

Soprano Split: Bottom Notes

Alto Split: Top Notes

Tenor: As is

Bass Split: Bottom Notes

Omnia Sol: 

As is

City Called Heaven:

As is

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